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What is an M-REIT?

Broadmark Realty Capital $BRMK is a mortgage REIT with a stellar balance sheet and strong top and bottom-line growth. Paying monthly dividends of $0.07/share, $BRMK offers value with a 7.95% annual yield at $10.57/share. $BRMK has a semi-diversified loan portfolio spanning multiple asset classes across multiple non-judicial foreclosure states with average loan-to-value ratios of 65%. Having no debt, while sitting on a war chest of more than 170 million dollars, (last report) BRMK represents unique value in the M-REIT space. However, BRMK’s Price-to-book value currently sits at 1.19, which is a premium to most M-REITS which trade below book value accounting for default risk. Given BRMK’s extremely conservative underwriting standards, loan delinquency risk may be discounted.

The primary concern for BRMK given decent P/E and a safe balance sheet is interest rate sensitivity. If interest rates or inflation expectations sharply rise, M-REITs broadly selloff as higher rates plus inflation discount the value of their loans. This is less of a risk for BRMK which offers primarily short-term construction financing.

Overall, BRMK has strong overall stats and would be a decent long-term real estate play with the potential for dividend growth going forward. With mild risks and a decent future, BRMK would be great for a dividend-reinvestment-plan (DRIP) given the monthly dividends. BRMK was a better deal last year at $7–9/share when the quality assets traded below book value. This is definitely a stock to buy on the cheap during a panic, however even with a P/B of 1.19, investors are rewarded with high dividends and safety.

For more information on $BRMK stock, below is research from the Value Investors Club, a great place for value stock ideas. This user wrote a decent analysis of $BRMK last November so some of the financial figures may have changed.

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